Travel Checklist For Your Cat

If you plan to travel with your cat you’ll need to do some advanced planning. To be better prepared use this travel checklist for your cat and add to it to make it custom for you and your cat. The advanced planning you do can make your travels more enjoyable with fewer worries. And you won’t have to stop and pick up anything along the way that was forgotten. You’ll have it all with you.

Travel Checklist For Your Cat

Travel Carrier

One of the most important items you’ll need in your travels is your carrier. If you plan to travel by air, check with the airline for size and specifics. If you travel by car, you can choose the type of crate or carrier by you and your cat’s preferences. If your cat isn’t used to being in a carrier begin to accustom her before the trip. You can start just by leaving the carrier around the home so your cat gets used to it. Be sure to make it inviting and cozy by putting favorite toys and bedding in it.

Food To Go

Don’t change your cat’s diet while traveling if you don’t have to. That can cause distress and upset. You’ll probably want to pack light. You can get smaller cans of canned food. You won’t need to worry so much about keeping leftovers cold. There are travel food and water bowls you can get. Lightweight and collapsible.

                   Cat Food

Collar And Harness

Be sure your cat’s collar – at the least – has your contact information on it. Get your cat used to wearing a harness before you begin your travels if possible.

Your cat’s documents are a must when you’re on the road. You never know when you may be required to show proof of vaccination and health records. Take some photos of your cat in case of emergency. Keep them on your phone and print out a couple. To be extra sure, email them to yourself so you’ll have access to them in multiple places.

Medications Your Pet Needs  On The Road

You’ll need what your pet takes regularly. Also pack medications that might be needed. You don’t want to be traveling and have to replace them.

Something Familiar From Home

A toy or a blanket from home can give your cat comfort.  These will help your cat be more comfortable while their routine is disrupted.

A Travel Calming Aid

If your cat is a nervous traveler you can ask your vet for medication to help keep them calm. There are also aids for calming you can buy that don’t require a prescription but be sure to test them over time to know that they’ll work before you travel.

Sometimes with all the bustle of getting ready for a trip, we can forget things. You need a packing list for you. You need a travel checklist for your cat too. Now you’ll be prepared and able to keep your cat happier on your trip.

Kitty Litter and Litter Box

You may want to bring your cats personal potty place depending on your travels. It may be easier for your cat to go where it feels familiar.

This litter is nontracking and is a great clumping litter. This helps prevent moisture from reaching the bottom of the box. And the clump won’t break apart. It also controls odor without chemicals. Much safer for everyone. And great for on the road close quarters. Click here to purchase.