Things Your Cat Loves

Cat Watching BirdsBird Watching

Cats love to while away the time just watching birds. They’re natural hunters so the type of quick movement of a feathered flapping creature immediately captures their attention.  When they are fixed on a bird a cat’s body will show tension. This is pure attention and focus – ready for the hunt! Squirrels are also up at the top of the list for cat watching entertainment. Do you notice your cat watching other types of animals or movement that fascinates them?

This is good for your cat because it’s stimulating and enjoyable. You can give more to look at by installing a bird feeder within easy view. Some cats enjoy watching a DVD featuring birds and other small wildlife. So try one of those to keep your feline entertained.


Another favorite at the top of the list are toys. This is a great way for indoor cats to get their exercise by simulating prey. While not just for exercise – toys help with boredom and that can create stress and anxiety.  Look for toys with different textures and that offer different activities. They like crinkle noises so try crumpled paper and paper bags. Feather and string toys are highly enjoyed too. They love chasing light. You don’t need a laser toy you can catch the sunlight with something reflective like a mirror or a CD.

Just look at this!

Interactive cat toy, with attached feathers/birds/mouse Toys for your kittens and cats.


Here’s some more – who doesn’t love watching their kitty playing?! This wiggle bug cat toy is a favorite.

Wiggle bug cat toy


Cat Likes Running WaterRunning Water

Cats like running water because it moves. It also is cooler than water in a bowl. So it may have a better taste.  Some people let them drink from the faucet. But that’s not always handy unless you leave it on at a dripping pace. Another way to give your cat running water is to buy a cat drinking fountain. Always give access to clean fresh water.

Scratching Posts

Cats need to scratch. It helps them to clean their claws of dead material. They also have scent glands in their paws and so mark their territory by scratching. It also helps to flex and stretch. Save your furniture and get things for them to scratch. Different cats like different types and ways of scratching. Some enjoy softwood, some the carpet or upholstery. Some like to scratch horizontally and some like to scratch vertically. Give your cat several types to choose from.

Here’s one he’s sure to adore! Check this out on Amazon – the price is right!

Good Food

Good food is important for everyone. It’s where health begins. If you want your kitty to live long and healthy – just like us – proper nutrition is top of the list.


Cats rely on nutrients that are only in animal products. As hunters, they evolved from consuming prey. This diet has high protein, some fat and minimal carbs. Your cat still requires this general diet daily. They also need many other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that they get in a balanced diet. Supplements aren’t usually needed unless your vet recommends and approves them.


Cats sleep a lot – up to 20 hours a day. Mostly during the day. That’s because they are predators and they are made to hunt mainly at night.

You know how much your cat normally sleeps so when you notice her sleeping more then a trip to the vet may be in order. 12- 20 hours can be considered normal for an adult. And it would be normal for a senior cat to sleep a lot.

According to studies on 25 percent of cat sleep is deep and 75 percent is really “catnapping” in a light snooze.

Cats can sleep less depending on their environment. If exposed to more light they may nap less. Or if they are kept active they’ll sleep less.

I’ve also found if you feed your cat less they may be awake more hours.

Either way, if your cat is sleeping noticeably more or less there may be a medical reason such as being in pain or having tummy troubles. So a trip for a check-up may be a good idea.

Cat GroomingGrooming

While cats are excellent at grooming themselves, sometimes they need a little help. Regular brushing and nail trimming is important. Bathing is good, but usually, you’d have to get them used to it as a kitten.

Brushing daily can help to reduce hairballs. Which are gross anyway but can also become a medical issue. Regular maintenance will also reduce mats in their fur, especially long-haired ones.  The softer the fur the more that grooming is needed. You can do it or hire a professional groomer. These days they even come to your house.

Cat in a treeHigh Places

Cats and high places are a thing. It was a survival thing. Climbing is hard-wired for them – instinct. High places equal safety and a good watchtower for hunting. And of course fun and pleasure.

With claws to grip with, strong hindquarters, excellent balance, and coordination they can scale high places with ease.

Nature has made it so that cats have an amazing ability to survive falls if it happens. They have a righting reflex, flexible backbones, and low body weight all work for them minimizing injury from a fall.

All these points and more help keep your kitty happy and entertained.