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On to our Catsity Video Break and Recommendations Angry Orange Pet Odor Removal Have you guys tried this Angry Orange – its great for pet odor removal! Get rid of the toughest pet odors: Angry Orange is a commercial grade citrus pet odor remover for (cats and dogs). Safe And Non Toxic: Angry Orange pet … Read more

American Bobtail

By torbakhopper -, CC BY 2.0,

AMERICAN BOBTAIL APPEARANCE The tail is usually short. Bobbed by genetics. And overall the American Bobcat resembles a wild bobcat. The forelegs are longer than their hind legs giving them even more similar appearance to the bobcat. They come in all patterns and colors and are preferred looking natural and wild. The look of the … Read more


APPEARANCE The ticked or agouti effect of the coat is the trademark of the breed. The coat is multicolored with each hair having several colors. There are dark color bands, light color bands, and the tip is dark making the coat look rich. This unique coloring makes him look like a wildcat. The Abyssinian (aka The Aby) … Read more

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Bird Watching Cats love to while away the time just watching birds. They’re natural hunters so the type of quick movement of a feathered flapping creature immediately captures their attention.  When they are fixed on a bird a cat’s body will show tension. This is pure attention and focus – ready for the hunt! Squirrels are … Read more